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Sunwind Air Handling Unit

Split corrugated fins and high quality copper tubes of cross-flow coil to strengthen the turbulence effect of the air flow. Adjust the distance between fins, optimized the pipe line arrangement to enhance the heat exchange efficiency.

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For an optimized efficiency of an AHU and consequently energy savings, thermal bridges and air tightness are important structural aspects that have to be taken into condiferation from design. Thermal bridges lead to loss of heat, condensation and rust, air leaks increase required system capacity and operation costs.

For a better adaptability, we offer you a modular technology. This gives the possibility of designing the AHU that suits perfectly your requirements. Also this offers the installer easy transportation and installations as well as the possibility of assembling and placing the unit in the most suitable position in the plant room.

The sections are suitable for horizontal or vertical installation as required. No additional supports are required when sections are mounted on top of each other to form double deck units.

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