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DC-Inverter / Heat pump Console Units from Olimpia Splendid

No need for complicated work on external walls, on high floors, thus saving time and money. In terms of its functions, Unico is a true technological gem, capable of programming and optimizing climate room by room as well as dehumidify and purify the air.

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Test objective

The objective of this test is to compare the energy consumption of the Olimpia Splendid – Unico console unit to a conventional unit of the same size.
The Olimpia Splendid is an inverter driven compressor heat pump / cooling unit, whereas the conventional unit is an electric air heater / compressor cooling unit.

Test items



Cooling output

Heating output

Olimpia Splendid - Unico H12

DC Inverter driven

heat pump /
compression cooling

2.214 kW

1.075 kW

Traditional Unit


Electric heating / compression cooling

2.214 kW

1.075 kW

Test description

The test took place in 2 empty offices at Constantia business park of Growthpoint properties.

The rooms were located on the ground floor, located directly next to each other with the windows facing north. All remaining walls were inside walls.
Both rooms were of similar size, however the room with the Olimpia Splendid – Unico unit was slightly larger.

Additionally it needs to be mentioned, that the window surface of the room with the Olipmpia Splendid– Unico unit was more than double as large and the room received about an hour more direct sunlight during the day, since a staircase was blocking the sunlight to the room with the TRADITIONAL UNITunit earlier in the afternoon.

Room specifications

ROOM 1 (Traditional Unit) – room volume:

33.78 m³

ROOM1 (Traditional unit) - window surface area:

1.95 m²

ROOM 2(Olimpia Splendid) – Unico – room volume:

34.73 m³

ROOM 2 (Olimpia Splendid) – Unico- window surface area:

4.52 m²


Test details

  • The measurement equipment consisted of a CARELdata logger unit which had three temperature sensors connected as well as two CTs (current transformers).
  • Each room was equipped with one temperature sensor right in the middle (1.3m from ground and 1.6m from the outside wall. The sensor was mounted in a position without direct air flow influence from the console units)
  • A further temperature sensor was measuring the outside temperature. The sensor was installed so that no direct sunlight could influence the readings during the day and furthermore it was installed 400mm away from any wall, to minimize influences through heat radiation.
  • Each unit was equipped with a 0-250A current transformer to measure the electrical consumption.
  • All sensors and CTs were calibrated before the experiment to ensure accuracy of the readings.
  • The measurement interval was set to 30 seconds.
  • Using only one data logger, the measurement time line for both units were exactly the same.
  • During the whole measurement period we set the units during the day to 18°C COOLING MODE.
  • During the night we switched to 30°C HEATING MODE.
  • The fan speed on both unit were set to Medium mode.
  • The switch over for both units happened at the same time.

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