Fan Coil Units

BROAD Thick Series

hick series with magnificent styles can serve an area of 20-1500m2. Their prices (per kW or RT cooling capacity) are relativly low.

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BROAD Thin Series

The delicate styled thin series fan coils have a great varieties and present vivid individualities. They can cover an area from 10 to 200m2. The prices are relatively higher. Curve and Thin Models are recommended for energy saving.

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BROAD Large Series

The style is designed to impress and inspire. It can serve any spacious area larger than 100m2 with 25m far-reaching air blow. It can be installed at the hall center or against wall. High Stripe Model even can be at corners. Both sides of High Board Model

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BROAD Wall Built-in Series

Simplicity is the style, it can serve an area of 15~500m2. Either wall built-in, floor built-in, or cabinet built-in, especially suitable for complicated public areas.

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OLIMPIA Splendid BI2

Bi2 is a unique, Olimpia Splendid-patented system terminal that serves a double purpose: it heats and it cools.

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SUNWIND Fan Coil Unit

Split corrugated fins and high quality copper tubes of cross-flow coil to strengthen the turbulence effect of the air flow. Adjust the distance between fins, optimized the pipe line arrangement to enhance the heat exchange efficiency.

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BROAD Avant-garde Series

Various varieties with unique characteristics are completely different from conventional fan coils. They are suitable for places from 10 to 500m2, and with higher price. Vertical Column Model and Polygon Model can be wall-mounted or at wall corner, or flo

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BROAD Ceiling Built-in Series

BROAD does not recommend this series due to its non energy saving (fan coils are highly ceiling built-in and whole room space consumes energy). It can be adopted to replacement for old buildings where all the fan coils are ceiling built-in. A special note

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More Information on Fan Coil Units

Compared with motorcar, aircraft and other industrial technologies, some fan coils have nothing to be proud of. However, innovations of in air conditioning lead to perfection of fan coils units.

For example, on the following thema, many innovations make the difference:

  • Health & Science
  • Acoustics
  • Aesthetics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Economics
  • Engineering & Quality
  • Control

BROAD’s profile

Established in 1988, BROAD manufactures a wide range of high technical and high quality fan coils. Focusing on innovation, BROAD developed central air conditioning terminal products with electrostatic cleaners. Additionally to the technical development, the esthetic aspect of the terminal proposed is various and can adapt to any building or interior design.

For more information, please consult the following catalogue:

BROAD Catalogue Redefine Life 

Olimpia Splendid profile

Established in 1956, Olimpia Splendid is a leading air conditioning company; with its wide range of products it is present in the sectors of Air Conditioning, Heating, Air treatment and Hydronic systems. Olimpia Splendid is sold in about 45 countries around the world. The Gualtieri headquarters in Italy, opened in 1956, are the logistic pole of the Olimpia Splendid group, housing all the executive, commercial and administration departments.

The Group has two manufacturing plants in Italy, in Cellatica (Brescia) and Pieve di Bono (Trento). In addition to the Italian plants, there is a manufacturing and commercial facility in Shanghai(China) and a commercial branch in Madrid.

For more information, please consult the following catalogue:

Olimpia catalogue

In order to prove you the high efficiency of those units, we measured the consumption between a normal fan coil unit (heating only) and a Olimpia Splendid terminal (heat pump). Please have a look at the following document, the difference between the two units is impressive:

Olimpia Splendid vs DEFY unit comparison

Sun wind profile

Sunwind proposes high efficiency split with the possibility to optimize some arrangement in order to enhance heat exchange efficiency. With an esthetic outlook, the horizontal/vertical exposed model can be installed in any room and complete with interior decoration besides providing optimum comfort.
Focusing on practicity and comfort, the fan coil units have been designed for easy air filter removal.

For more information, please consult the following catalogue:

Sun Wind Catalogue

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