Fan Coil Units

SUNWIND Fan Coil Unit

High Efficiency

Split corrugated fins and high quality copper tubes of cross-flow coil to strengthen the turbulence effect of the air flow. Adjust the distance between fins, optimized the pipe line arrangement to enhance the heat exchange efficiency.

The monomer forged and molded header and distributor achieve even flow distribution of chilled water to/from the coil, minimize the hydraulic resistance to enhance the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Unit casing made of galvanized steel sheet with round corner edge to avoid cuts. Condenser drain pan is die-pressed without any brazing joint and insulated with a layer of fire retardant thermal insulation. With aesthetic outlook, the horizontal/vertical exposed model can be installed in any room and complete with interior decoration beside providing optimum comfort.

Low noise permanent split capacitor with 3 speed or 5 speed options. Galvanized steel blower with static and dynamical balancing inspection to ensure the unit high efficiency performance and silent run.

Unit assembling is designed for easy air filter removal. Fan motor shaft bearing uses alloy steel, surface nickel-coated with anti-rust treatment for longer life span and low maintenance cost. Motor equipped with over-heat protector to avoid over load damages.