Low-content Ammonia Chillers

ZUDEK Airmatik®

Airmatik® is a single-block external ammonia air-cooled chiller. Its installation is simple, and it requires a very small amount of ammonia. It combines performance, reliability and environmental friendliness to meet all you refrigeration needs.

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ZUDEK Recumatik®

This innovative solution proposes total heat recovery to produce at the same time heat and cold.·Recumatik® is available from 100 to 1000 kW cooling.

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ZUDEK Varimatik®

Varimatik® is the pride of the Zudek product range, given its excellent performance in terms of efficiency, flexibility and reliability, and comes in both single and dual stage versions.

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ZUDEK Ecomatik®

Ecomatik® is a dual compressor chiller with all the characteristics of Varimatik® but with a capacity from 150 kW (Te 5, Tc 35) to 1000 kW (Te 5, Tc 35) and at low temperatures from 75 kW (Te -15, Tc 35) to

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ZUDEK Icematik®

Icematik® is an ice generator which stores refrigerated energy and releases capacity in a closed circuit pressurized system. It can be integrated with existing glycol systems or with refrigeration plant like Varimatik® technology.

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More Information on Low-content Ammonia Chillers

In a world where energy is more and more precious, chiller’s efficiency can lead to important energy and financial savings. With a COP higher (around 5) than traditional CFC based chillers, low-content ammonia chillers use very small amount of refrigerant, combining performance, reliability and environmental friendliness.

In particular, as the positive experience of Zudek customers shows, the savings in energy and maintenance costs are able to amortize the initial investment in less than two years of operation.



Zudek was established in 1990 on the strength of the technical experience of the two founding partners, Alessandro and Alfredo Zudek, and a group of collaborators from the industrial fabric of Trieste, where the first modern refrigeration plants in the world using ammonia and carbon dioxide as refrigerants were designed and constructed as early as the end of the nineteenth century.

In 1994, Zudek created the first ammonia chiller with inverter. After several years of designing and producing refrigeration plants, in 1998 Zudek decided to design and produce its first chiller able to meet the technical and maintenance needs of industrial production. The result was Varimatik®, a chiller able to be integrated in industrial production systems and guarantee excellent performance, ease of use, speed of maintenance, remarkable energy savings and low environmental impact. Varimatik® was followed over the years by Ecomatik®, Icematik® and Airmatik®, all units which were conceived and constructed with maximum attention to detail.

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