ORC Turbines


Low RPM of the turbine allowing the direct drive of the electric generator without reduction gear

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ORC Turbines is used for distributed generation in renewable and heat recovery. This technology enables:

  • High turbine efficiency (85%)
  • Low mechanical stress turbine (due to low tip speed, moderate temperature)
  • Directly driven generator (no gearbox)
  • No blade erosion (due to no liquid particles)
  • No oxidation (metal friendly working fluid)

The advantages:

  • Simple start-stop procedures
  • Automatic, unattended operation
  • Quiet running
  • High Availability (>98% proven)
  • Turn-down to 10% of nominal power
  • Good efficiency at partial load
  • Long life
  • High efficiency with low / moderate temperature sources
  • No boiler feed water treatment
  • Minimum O&M: 3-5 hours / week

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Turboden, a Pratt & Whitney Power Systems company, is a European leader in ORC technology for the generation and cogeneration of heat and power from renewable energy and heat recovery. Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS), the industrial gas turbine business of Pratt & Whitney, provides power generation and mechanical drive solutions for the electric generation, oil and gas markets, including service through the entire product life cycle

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