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BROAD X Absorption chillers


Broad non-electric chillers can be:

  • Direct-fired Absorption chillers (powered by natural gas, biogas, gas/oil dual fuel),
  • Steam chillers (powered by steam form power generation or industrial waste streams),
  • Hot Water/Exhaust chiller (powered by hot water/exhaust from power generation or industrial waste streams, solar hot water...),
  • Single-stage Steam/Hot water/Exhaust Chiller,
  • Multi-Energy Chiller.

With a wide range of products, from 233 to 11630 kW, we propose Broad single-effect and double-effect chillers. The COPs vary from 1.43 (double-effect) to 0.71 (single-effect) depending on the operation parameters. They chillers can be cooling-heating or cooling only. The model selection is mainly determined by the energy available and by cooling load. They are equipped with complete control function  including internet monitoring. If users have a building BMS control interface can be selected as an optional supply.

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