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SORTECH Adsorption chiller


SORTECH’s adsorption chillers are available in combination with tailored recoolers as efficient subsystems with two different cooling capacities:

  • ACS 08/RC08 – 7.5 kW nominal cooling capacity
  • ACS 15/RCS 15 – 15 kW nominal cooling capacity

The main Advantages and distinctive features of those small adsorption chillers are:

  • Compact, high performing chiller - easy handling and installation, minor space requirements,
  • Low minimum driving temperatures - good performance starting at 60° but robust up to 95°,
  • Robust - long durability and low maintenance requirements (almost no moving parts),
  • High overall efficiency of optimized subsystem chiller plus re-cooler - optimised consumption of resources; high savings on primary energy and CO2,
  • Easy integration - through the optimised subsystem with easy interface,
  • Completely clean technology - only environmentally friendly materials / media used (water and silica gel),
  • Attractive price position of system - results in an attractive amortization period,
  • Market ready - tested and available technology in small series.

Air-conditioning of small and medium sized buildings is currently the main area of application. However, this technology is also suitable for commercial and industrial cooling.

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