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YAZAKI Water Fired Chiller/Chiller-Heater


YAZAKI absorption chillers, using water as refrigerant, offer efficient and reliable choices in air conditioning. The single-effect and double-effect chillers are offered in a wide range of capacities from 17 kW to 700 kW:

  • Water-Fired Chillers (WFC-Series)
  • Gas-Fired Chillers up to 700 kW (CH-Series)

They serve divers facilities as hotels, offices, shopping malls, residential homes, hospitals, and small businesses, bearing outstanding advantages such as:

  •   Reliable, durable and mature technology,
  •   Reducing energy costs (low electrical consumption),
  •   Protecting the environment,
  •   Various heat input sources possible,
  •   Low noise, compact design, long life span.

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