VOLTAS Technologies is an engineering firm supplying and developing sustainable energy solutions, with focus on thermal energy processes in the industrial, commercial and large-residential space. We are committed to deliver excellence through passion and professionalism.

Integrating applications of heat generation (heating) and heat removal (cooling) can result in substantial environmental and financial benefits. Our activities center on supplying technologies that will help you optimize these processes by balancing the complementary heating/cooling requirements and minimizing the electrical energy input of the overall processes.

An energy efficient solution driven by VOLTAS Technologies is absorption/adsorption chillers. These chillers use heat from one source to remove heat from another process, thus reducing electrical energy requirements and enabling the use of alternative energy sources for cooling processes. An ideal solution for African climates can be Solar Cooling, as the cooling load of a building typically follows the path of the solar irradiation.

Vision Statement:

VOLTAS Technologies is the most successful and sought after supplier of high quality integrated sustainable thermal energy solutions in Sub‐Saharan Africa.

Mission Statement:

VOLTAS Technologies and its people source and develop the most advanced and suitable technologies, helping countries and companies to create a positive energy balance by using sustainable resources and enabling people to live in comfort and harmony with their environment.

Value Statement:

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