PV Membrane

SolarIntegrated Solar Metal Roof SI M2 288

The SI-M2 288 module is simple to incorporate. The typical configuration features two UNI-SOLAR® flexible photovoltaic laminates with a rated combined peak power of 288 Wp adhered to an aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet.

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SolarIntegrated Solar Metal Roof SI M2 144

The SI-M2 144 series is a further addition to the Solar Integrated SolarRoof product portfolio.

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More Information on PV Membrane

The PV Membrane solutions proposed are a reliable, adaptable and easy to install solution.
The products offered are certified:

  • IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 certified products
  • CE marked products
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified production

We propose two types of products:


For modified Bitumen, Metal and Membrane Roofs


For Metal Roofs, Carports, Solar parks


Solar Integrated

Solar Integrated is a renown pioneer and leader in the commercial/industrial solar industry and a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, an alternative energy and fuel cell research and development company (NASDAQ: ENER). From their proprietary manufacturing process that bonds amorphous silicon thin-film modules to various flexible and rigid materials to our patented low profile single-axis tracking system, Solar Integrated delivers innovative products that address customer needs. These products combined with an incomparable team of experienced engineers, designers and service technicians provide proven quality and dependable long-term performance.

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