Solar Water Heating

FK8000 Thermal flat plate collector

High yearly solar gain. Blue selective coated absorber for maximum solar gain.

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We proposes you a wide range of collectors, from flat-plate to evacuated tubes, U-pipe or heat pipe. Solar Water Heating is one of the most reliable and mature technology. In a country where the sun intensity is so high, solar water heating enables important energy savings.

Our products are certified by the Fraunhofer institute.


Solaro is a VOLTAS Technologies brand. Always  one step ahead. That’ how we think and that’s how we act, to make sure we can offer our consumers the best possible solutions.
To achieve this, we select partners who invest a substantial part of their budget into research and development. Together with customers and in close cooperation with leading research institutes and universities, we and our partners can bring system technologies of the future into current reality. This in turn results in innovative products, new patents and even in playing a major role in benchmarking the technical levels of the future.

The best quality also needs to pass the hardest tests. Every solar collector passes through a multi-stage quality assurance programme in the course of the manufacturing process. The purpose of all these quality assurance procedures is to ensure that our customers can be absolutely certain of guaranteed top quality, now and in the future.

For more information, please consult the following documents:

Flat Plate product sheet
Flat Plate test report from Fraunhofer Institute
Double- jacket tank product sheet

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