Zudek Water Ammonia Absorption Chiller


It is a water ammonia absorption chiller. It produces special cooling power starting from a hot thermal energy source.

The temperature range goes from +1°C to -60°C, covering all types of cooling needs.

Cooling capacities from 100kW to 5000kW.

The water ammonia absorption cycle was invented in the mid-19th Century and was a real industrial revolution for the cooling sector. Thirty years ago, there were only two types of ammonia machines: very large ones for big plants and very small ones for recreational vehicles’ refrigerators.

After several years of studies, Zudek has created a machine capable of producing cold without electricity.

  • Ecological: ammonium hydroxide, a natural solution, has the highest cooling efficiency
  • Production of subzero cooling from heat recovery or thermal waste
  • Low maintenance: sturdy, static, single pump system
  • Very low electricity consumption: 1 kW electric x 20 kW cold
  • Immediate adaption to power variations
  • Suitable for combined cooling heat and power (CHP) plants
  • Available in ATEX version
  • Available according to PED or ASME codes
  • Telematik®: remotely controlled 4.0 solution